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The Agile [Business] Manifesto

Originally created in 2001, the Agile Manifesto defines the values and principles by which Agile software development practices, methods and frameworks operate. It defines what it means to be Agile. However, with the evolution of Agile in the context of business management, the manifesto could use a little refreshing*. 

The Values

We are uncovering better ways of building businesses by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work, we have come to value:

Adaptability for Sustainable Business Growth

First, a brief introduction. If you've heard the terms "Agile" or "Lean", I want you to put any preconceived ideas aside (and if you haven't, read on). Agile is a set of values, principles, techniques and frameworks for the adaptable, incremental & efficient delivery of work. They can be applied to any type of work including finance, sales, HR, marketing, corporate strategy, leadership, and more. 


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