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Agile in "Classical" Marketing Teams: Short and Mid-Term Benefits

Some of you may have already seen some of my presentations about agile marketing ( and may have thought “well it's fine, but only applicable to young e-commerce oriented companies, with a small historical background”. The fact is, I have had the opportunity to help these two, very different, marketing teams by applying agile methods and culture. What is remarkable is the similarity of the results and their evolution.

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9 Points for Agile Business Growth

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I've spoken a lot about customer growth in the context of Agile Business Management. You've probably seen my definition of this a few times, but here it is once again for good measure. 

"Business growth comes from applying profitability to customer growth. Profitability comes from delivering services to your customers, accurately and efficiently."

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Intland – Building an Agile Marketing Team

Headquartered in Germany, Intland develops an Application Lifecycle Management product for the software industry, known as codeBeamer. codeBeamer supports the complete software development lifecycle from demand, requirements, development, to test management. As a commercial ALM tool, codeBeamer is used worldwide particularly in Germany and the US, across multiple industries. It is also available on Javaforge, free of charge for open-source projects.

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How to Structure an Agile Organisation

With all the talk of Zappo's adopting a holacratic business model, it seems that lean and agile business models are gaining interest across different business sectors. This is adding to the growing group of companies starting to adopt Agile Business Management; that is the agile principles and techniques outside of IT.

Exilesoft - Do you dare to ask your HR manager to practise Kanban?

In 2008, in order to overcome specific offshore challenges, and to improve its quality and productivity, Exilesoft undertook an Agile transformation programme within its project office and delivery teams. While this was highly successful, the rapid change from traditional project culture to Agile culture, as well as the speedy growth of the project organisation, supporting functions, such as HR and operations, were unable to meet the demands of the delivery teams. In response, HR department processes became stricter, in order to cope with the situation and continue to deliver results.

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A Quick Agile Business Management Transformation

or how to setup a service delivery organisation for future success

Transforming an organisation, or a department within an organisation, is usually a complex affair. However, it doesn't have to be.

Suncorp – Agile and Internal Audit!

The Suncorp Group provides general insurance, banking, life insurance, superannuation and investment services, across Australia and New Zealand. Within the Group, the Internal Audit Department assists Suncorp’s Board, and Management achieve their objectives by independently evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of risk management, controls and governance processes. Internal Audit engages with all levels and areas across the Group, and is accountable to the Suncorp Board.

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WIKISPEED – Applying Agile software principles and practices for fast automotive development!

This case study describes how a distributed, collaborative team of volunteers, spread around the world, is creating, on a shoestring budget, a model for how to design and manufacture a highly efficient automobile. WIKISPEED is doing this by borrowing, and evolving, concepts from a variety of sources, such as Agile and lean software development, and continuing to evolve them in order to fit the context of automobile research, design and production.