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New Zealand Post Group – An Agile Executive!

NZPG, like many businesses after the global financial crisis, undertook a business review, and identified that there were a number of missed opportunities to respond to customer and market trends. It was realised that these opportunities would continue to be missed while the organisation was ‘stuck’ in old modes of operation.

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IT Branch, City of Edmonton - Building an Agile Organisation!

In 2008, the IT Branch received feedback from City staff and business leaders that they were not meeting service delivery expectations. To address these issues, and the related underlying causes, an enhanced, and sustainable, service delivery model was created. This model of service delivery, leadership and engagement was built around the following principles; listen, support, encourage and, most of all, deliver.

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Adaptability for Sustainable Business Growth

First, a brief introduction. If you've heard the terms "Agile" or "Lean", I want you to put any preconceived ideas aside (and if you haven't, read on). Agile is a set of values, principles, techniques and frameworks for the adaptable, incremental & efficient delivery of work. They can be applied to any type of work including finance, sales, HR, marketing, corporate strategy, leadership, and more.