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Agile for (and in) Marketing - An Agile Business Management Community Whitepaper

There is a growing trend towards business agility; the adoption of agile and lean practices across the enterprise. This is nowhere more evident than in marketing. Marketing divisions across the world have starting to adopt iterative and adaptive processes while encouraging self-organising teams and empowered individuals. Download the latest Agile Business Management whitepaper on this topic here: /sites/

In this whitepaper we will explore:

  1. The organisational context for agile in marketing
  2. Our principles for agile marketing
  3. The alignment to between marketing teams and agile culture
  4. The benefits of agile in marketing
  5. Common practices in agile marketing
  6. Issues we have discovered along the way


This whitepaper by the Agile Business Management Community is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia License <>

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