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Evan is an experienced leader, coach and published author in the developing field of Agile Business Management; applying the successful concepts and practices from the Lean and Agile movements to corporate management. Evan has a passion for building effective and productive organisations, filled with actively engaged and committed staff while ensuring high-levels of customer satisfaction. Evan's experiences when holding executive and board positions in both private industry and government has driven his passion for lean business management.

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Paul Reid is the Chief Operating Officer at New Zealand Post Limited. He is also an independent director of Software Education (training company), Maven International (consulting) and Converga Ltd (digital scanning), Localist Limited (digital trading platform). Paul is a true, innovative thinker who challenges all the business norms. Previously, Paul has held senior roles in Air New Zealand, Metservice, Carter Holt Harvey and Ernst & Young.

Thushara Wijewardena is a software professional who has gained over 12 years’ experience in managing software project portfolios in various organisational settings. During the last five years, she has put lots of focus on using Agile concepts in offshore-onshore project engagements, as well as implementing Agile at the enterprise level. Thushara is a speaker at leading international conferences, and an author of many articles related to the subject. Currently she works as the Chief Project Officer of Exilesoft.

Adam Spencer is a technology executive with international banking experience and success in program delivery, IT service management, risk management and innovation. His experience includes finance, vendor management, security, agile and leadership of large multinational teams at companies, such as Standard Chartered Bank, KPMG and Suncorp.

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WIKISPEED is a volunteer based green automotive-prototyping company, with a goal to change the world for the better.  We’re a collaborative team of skilled individuals who volunteer time to design and build safe, low-cost, ultra-efficient, road-legal vehicles.  We’re passionately committed to rapidly solving problems for social good.

Authors for the WIKISPEED papers are;

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Shim is a Melbourne, Australia based project management consultant. In addition to running his own project management blog he is also a contributing author in the popular Leadership blog - Linked2Leadership and an active participant in public and on-line forums in the areas of project management, leadership and business agility.

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Reka is an economist with an MBA degree and 10+ years of experience in ICT with ERP, SCM, web, and mobile applications, as well as skills in international business development, consulting, and project management.  Her success track record spans from managing numerous European ICT projects running under the EU Research Framework (FP6/FP7) programs to coordinating large-scale IT-development projects with heterogeneous teams that deployed variousdevelopment methods.

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Matt brings thirty years of experience building teams and coaching leaders.  Through this capacity building, he has helped companies re-establish themselves in their existing markets and build reputations for themselves in new ones.  Additionally, Matt undertakes more personal executive coaching helping clients more effectively achieve their strategic objectives as well as help them communicate up and down their organization.  

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Sylvain has been working over 15 years in by Internet wave of change hard hit companies. He tried during 10 years applying collabortive tools within his logistical teams as project manager and then supply chain director until he discovered agile methods and culture while entering as IT director in Spain. Applying during three years intensively the agile culture within IT and then outside IT in other departments, he could help transforming people and teams from a classical top-down behaviour to self-organized teams, innovating regardless to the crisis.
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Brian H. Maskell, President of BMA Inc., has more than 30 years experience in manufacturing and distribution industry. He has held a variety of management positions from the shop-floor of an electronics company to Manager of European Inventories for the Xerox Corporation to Vice President of Product Development and Customer Service of the Unitronix Corporation.

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Matt is an experienced IT analyst who has currently works in a small software company delivering association management solutions across the United States and Canada. He has previously worked on IT issues and with troubled IT projects across the U.S. federal government, providing in-depth analysis and key recommendations to the Congress as well as the federal agencies. He has experience and knowledge related to: agile development and adoption, cost estimation, project scheduling, and requirements management. 

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